EV charging needs to complement the customer experience and not detract from it. Outdated charge points use tags and physical keys (like RFID cards) to allow drivers to access a point.
Equally, some networks require a subscription payment or membership.
Physical access keys have a propensity to fail and come with a large support overhead as they need to be issued, maintained and replaced. Token or coin operated points need to be manually emptied by the host site once full. Additionally, mandatory membership or subscription fees lower the quality of the user experience because they restrict the ability of drivers who are new or occasional users of the network to easily start charging.
Smartphone-enabled chargepoints can be initiated via a mobile app. This model comes with several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to track usage on your network in more detail. Secondly, it also enables a you to collect revenue should you wish to monetise the solution.
Finally, it ensures a reliable and easy-to-use experience for drivers.