Electric vehicles (EVs) are seen as a key driver towards a greener future. Indeed, transport accounts for roughly a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions and seriously affects air quality in major cities.
Added to this are EVs growing popularity with drivers. There are now almost 110,000 electric cars and vans on UK roads spurred on by lowering battery costs and a growing range of models. Including plug-in hybrid vehicles, EVs now account for 2% of new registrations. The Department for Transport and the EU forecasts that the UK will add 2 million plug-in cars by 2020.
This would be a significant increase to around 19% of new cars sold.
This means that within 2 years, 1 in every 5 cars sold will be electric, with drivers expecting to find charge points at their frequented destinations and workplace.
Part of the governments’ plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to promote and enable greater use of zero- and low-emission forms of transport, including an increased use of electric vehicle charge points, which can be funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.