Other than the ability to charge your electric vehicles at work, installing EV Charge points can be an opportunity to showcase your green credentials to your existing and new client base, offering charging to staff, customers and clients when visiting your premises.

Excluding cost and aesthetics, the main consideration in coming to a decision about the type of charger you would like to install, is charge time.

If your premises can provide 3 phase charging, charge times will be significantly faster.

The following will give you an idea on the differences. This is based on a typical electric car (Nissan LEAF 30kWh)

Regular plug socket - 10A - 3Kw
10 Hours
12 miles of range per hour

Single Phase 16A - 3.7kW
8 Hours
15 miles of range per hour

Single Phase 32A - 7.4Kw
4 Hours
30 miles of range per hour

3 Phase 16A per Phase - 11kW
2 Hours 45 Min
45 miles of range per hour

3 Phase 32A per Phase - 22kW
1 Hour 20 Min
80 miles of range per hour

Please note the vehicle determines the charge rate not the charge point. Most new Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) have the ability to charge at 22kW. Most Plug in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) will charge at 3.7kWh